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Teaching Community

The 'Teaching Community' is an international network of retreat leaders, theologians and artists, who have a special connection with Los Olivos. They have either been involved in leading retreats/courses at the centre in the past, or are teaching in our current/future programme.

Carmen Carmen Álvarez is a professional flamenco dancer and choreographer with international experience (Europe, South America and Japan). Formed in the Malaga City Music and Dance Conservatory, Carmen has danced with well known Spanish flamenco companies, including Israel Galvan's. She taught flamenco at Los Olivos in 2011 and 2012.
bain Andrew Bain is a priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church, now licensed by the Bishop of Edinburgh as Chaplain to Emmaus House, and has served for twenty years in local churches and in selection and training roles for candidates for ministry. Has led a retreat in 2016.
john John Bell, member of the Iona Community, ordained minister, hymnwriter, preacher and occasional broadcaster. He travels worldwide conducting seminars and retreats. Has led retreats at Los Olivos 2011-16.
bevan Philip Bevan is an Anglican Priest of the Diocese of Southwark. He has a life long interest in Orthodoxy, and has made it a special study, at the Orthodox Institute in Cambridge, and at various Conferences of The Fellowship of St John Baptist, and St Alban and St Sergius. Pip led a retreat on “The Jesus Prayer” at Los Olivos in 2012.
burrows Mark Burrows is the Poetry editor of “Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality” and professor at the Ev. Fachhochschule Rheinland-Westfalen-Lippe, University of Applied Sciences, in Bochum (Germany). Mark is a world expert in the writings of Rainer Maria Rilke and has led retreats at Los Olivos in 2015 - 17..
Bishop Johnathan Jonathan Clark, bishop of Croydon, theologian, former Chair of Affirming Catholicism (UK). Jonathan's interests include adult and theological education, walking, reading and writing. Has led retreats at Los Olivos 2013-14 and 2016..
Cotterell Stephen Cottrell, bishop of Chelmsford, theologian, prolific Christian author, art critic and inspirational retreat leader. Stephen has a particular interest in Church and mission. Has led retreats at Los Olivos 2012&14.
Dueck Irma Fast Dueck is associate professor of Practical Theology at the Canadian Mennonite University at Winnipeg (MB). Irma has a particular interest in issues of peace and social justice and the connections between spirituality and the environment. In 2015, Irma led a retreat at Los Olivos on symbol and ritual from a Mennonite perspective.
karen g Karen Gorham is Bishop of Sherbourne. Karen is committed to helping people reflect theologically, whether practically on developing vision and strategy for mission and ministry, or personally through quiet days and short courses. She enjoys the arts, having space to think and reflect and exploring new places. Karen led “Sustaining the Sacred Centre” at Los Olivos in the Summer of 2011.
anne hollinghurst Anne Hollinghurst has been a Church of England bishop since 2015, as a suffragan in the Diocese of Birmingham. From 2010 to 2015, she was Vicar of St Peter's Church, St Albans. She led a retreat at Los Olivos in 2015
steve h Steve Hollinghurst is Researcher in Evangelism to Post-Christendom Culture at the Church Army Sheffield Centre. He has a background in youth evangelism and more recently mission amongst those attracted to New Age and Paganism. He led a retreat at Los Olivos in 2015.
lamdin Keith Lamdin, principal of Sarum College (Salisbury), Anglican priest, coach and mentor with a wide experience in leadership training and adult formation. Has led retreats at Los Olivos 2011-15.
erica Erica Longfellow is Dean of Divinity, Chaplain and Fellow of New College, Oxford. She lectured on Shakespeare and Renaissance literature before joining New College in 2011. She has written about how English women writers found a voice after the Reformation, and is currently working on the sermons John Donne preached for his women patrons at marriages, churchings and Christenings. Erica's first retreat at Los Olivos will be in 2017.
ernesto Ernesto Lozada is an Anglican priest, artist and author, currently serving as vicar in Milton Keynes (Diocese of Oxford). He trained in Peru and the UK. Ernesto was a founding member of the ARK-T Centre in Oxford and offers a unique, fresh and holistic approach to Christian spirituality. He led “The Ancient Gift of Intimacy” at Los Olivos in the Summer of 2011.
sarah Sarah Meyrick is a writer and journalist. She is Director of Communications for the Diocese of Oxford. Alongside her day job, she runs the Bloxham Festival of Faith and Literature, a literary festival with a theological slant, which has a mission to create a thoughtful and relaxing space in which to consider works of literature and their religious themes. She regularly writes features for the Church Times. Her debut novel Knowing Anna was published in 2016 by Marylebone House, London. Los Olivos 2017
basia Basia Mindewicz founder of Edinburgh School of Icon Painting. She is an experienced icon painter and tutor. She has been teaching egg tempera for over 7 years in Poland and Scotland. She has curated exhibitions in Edinburgh. Led a retreat at Los Olivos in 2016.
padraig Pádraig Ó Tuama is a poet, theologian and retreat leader. He leads the Corrymeela Community, a witness to peace and reconciliation on the north coast of Ireland. His poetry and prose explores story, language and religion. His works include: In the Shelter (Hodder & Stoughton and Hachette Ireland, 2015), Sorry for your Troubles (Norwich, Canterbury Press, 2013), and Readings from the Books of Exile (Norwich, Canterbury Press, 2012). Poets and the Bible will be Pádraig's first retreat at Los Olivos in 2017.
persson Ann Persson, author and inspirational retreat leader, Ann has a particular passion for nature and the connection between creation and spirituality. She is author of “The Circle of Love” (BRF). Has led retreats at Los Olivos 2013-14.
spencer Spencer Reece is an American Episcopalian priest and poet currently based in Madrid. He is the author of “The Clerk's Tales” (2004), and an award winning writer (Witter Bynner Prize administered by the Library of Congress, and Pushcart Prize, among others). Spencer led a retreat on the poetry of George Herbert and Emily Dickinson at Los Olivos in 2015.

Vincenzo Scarafile, professional singer and choir conductor. Vincenzo is currently Alto Lay Clerk at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford (UK). Has led retreats at Los Olivos 2012-14.

daphne Daphne Tengbergen, sculptor and art historian and creator of the St John of the Cross sculpture in the courtyard of Los Olivos. Led a retreat called "Poetry in Stone" exploring the key themes in the poetry of St John through stone carving at Los Olivos in 2011
colin Colin Thompson, author and expert on the poetry and spirituality of John of the Cross, has spent the last 20 years of his life as lecturer in the Spanish Golden Age at Oxford University. Has led retreats at Los Olivos 2011-15.
Abdullah Abdullah Trevathan, Sufi scholar and retreat leader in the BBC series, "The Retreat". Abdullah is head of RE at Roehampton University, and an expert in Sufi spirituality of medieval Al’Andalus. Has led retreats at Los Olivos 2013-14.
Usher Graham Usher, Bishop of Dudley, Diocese of Worcester and author of Places of Enchantment, meeting God in lanscapes (SPCK, 2012). With interests in ecology, theology & spirituality of landscape. Has led a retreat in 2016.
liz Liz West has been involved in leadership development with young adults and in church planting. She is working with the Enneagram, seeing it as a tool for her own personal growth and offering this to others of all faiths and none. Her special interest is in what the Enneagram has to offer those who want to build a closer relationship with God. Liz is a trustee of Crossroads Retreats and a qualified Enneagram Worldwide coach. This will be Liz's first retreat at Los Olivos in 2017.
mark Mark Winter is a keen birdwatcher and retreat leader. He originally set up Birdwatch Northumbria as a local guided birdwatching service. In 2004 he founded Even Sparrows, a ministry that takes its name from the teachings of Jesus. Mark has been running weekend retreats in Northumberland, developing many of the ideas that form the basis for his new organisation. He will be joining us for the first time at Los Olivos in the Spring of 2017 to help us make connections between creation and the Creator.


Los Olivos is connected with the following ecumenical retreat centres in the British Isles.

Iona Community - a Christian Celtic community in Scotland with an ecumenical and inclusive ethos. Los Olivos liturgical life (morning and evening prayer) draws from the Iona worship resources.

Emmaus House - is home to an inclusive Christian community based in Edinburgh, offering accommodation for personal or group retreats, holiday (bed and breakfast), spiritual direction & life coaching.

The Community of Aidan and Hilda - a Christian community on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. We use some of the liturgies developed by the community during worship at losOlivos.

Sarum College - is an ecumenical centre for Christian study and research where our passion is learning that nourishes the human spirit.

Vaughan Park Retreat centre - based in Auckland, New Zealand. Welcomes local, national and international guests. Facilities for conferences, group and individual bookings


Sierra Nevada National Park - website, in Spanish showing some of the plant and wildlife that we have here in the Park.

Trek Sierra Nevada - shows some of the local (and not so local walks) in the area. The ones close to us are under "Lecrin Valley" in their location drop down box.

Sierra Guides - guided walks and other activities around the areas.

Greenbelt - Art and spirituality festival in the UK.

Art and Spirituality Network - a UK based organisation for creative and spiritual people.

Christian Arts, an ecumenical organisation that unites Christian artists of all denominations in the United Kingdom. They are also part of the International Society of Christian Artists

The Quiet Garden movement. Worldwide movement of prayer and meditation gardens. Los Olivos' "Garden of Olives" offers a space in nature specially designed for quiet prayer and contemplation.

Daphne Tengbergen - sculptress and art historian, currently running a sculpture studio in Paris. She is also the creator of the St John of the Cross sculpture at the centre of the hacienda.

Carmen Alvarez - flamenco dancer and choreographer, member of our Teaching Community. Carmen is involved in our St. John of the Cross courses.

Correlejo Tennis Academy - in case any of you are in Fuerteventura and fancy a game.



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